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Joined: June 19, 2018
Card Count: 39130
Card Worth: 38912/42000 (to next level)
Trades: 15/20 (to next stamp card)
Stamp Cards: 820 (+2 not turned in)
Last Updated: August 28, 2021
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Currency & Coupons

Carnival Tokens: 25


  x391           x84

Coins to convert: 5400
(100 coins = 1 gold or 1 gem)


active fanclubs: astro, blackpink, fromis_9, gfriend, itzy, oh my girl, red velvet, twice, victon, wekimeki, wjsn
(underlined are priority groups)


x1013* x11 x1 x33
x33 x35 x1 x56
x5 x43 x41 x39
x2 x34 x14 x13
* total does not include the following coupons from deck voting (see below)

choice coupons (deck voting)

coupon-choice(apink-eungeungnaeun) x2, coupon-choice(apink-onlyonenaeun) x4, coupon-choice(astro-blueflame) x1, coupon-choice(astro-one) x1, coupon-choice(bp-lovesickgirlsjisoo) x3, coupon-choice(dia-woowajueun) x1, coupon-choice(everglow-adiossihyeon) x1, coupon-choice(gf-feversinb) x1, coupon-choice(gf-lovewhispersinb) x3, coupon-choice(gf-lovewhisperyuju) x1, coupon-choice(omg-windydaymimi) x1, coupon-choice(twice-dancethenightawaynayeon) x3, coupon-choice(twice-fancynayeon) x1, coupon-choice(twice-heartshakernayeon) x3, coupon-choice(twice-whatislovenayeon) x1, coupon-choice(twice-whatislovesana) x1, coupon-choice(weme-pickypickysei) x1, coupon-choice(wjsn-dreamscometrueluda) x2

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