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Trading Rules

  • Please allow at least 7 days for a response to your trade request. Some days I may respond faster but most will take me a few days. However, if you need a card ASAP then make a note of that in the comments section or contact me either on twitter or discord at moonpillows#8845!

  • If you don't see a TCG listed in the dropdown menu below then I'm not accepting trades for that TCG unless it is a journal TCG. If it is then I only accept trades for those on the journal post made for each TCG which you can find linked on the respective card post!

  • Please spell out card names completely! DO NOT type cardname01/02; DO type cardname01, cardname02 or else the form will not send.

  • If you have nothing to offer me but really need a card, just put 'card00' in the "Cards You'll Give Me" section and I'll try to find something. If nothing interests me at the moment, I am happy to hold any cards for you!

  • If the form doesn't work, feel free to e-mail me at cassidytcg[@] or through one of the previously mentioned contact methods above!


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  • MARCH 16, 2016
    I recently updated my eTCG to v.1.1.0 but after doing so and applying my usual layout to this page, the trade form won't show any of the TCGs I'm currently in so the trade form will not work for the moment. In the mean time, if you need to trade me, please send it to my e-mail: cassidytcg[@]! Trade form is now working as usual! Please use it to send me trades.

  • JUNE 01, 2015
    Trade acceptance e-mails should be sending again but if you don't get one then please let me know!

  • JULY 14, 2014
    I am now receiving e-mails from all traders (gmail users included) so if you use the comment section, I'll see it!

Trade Form

Please do not put a trade through without my consent! Although I rarely reject or change a trade, I like to check anyways before approving one. If you need something desperately, contact me to ask!
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