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Although I rarely reject trades, please do not put a trade through instantly before I send you the acceptance e-mail! The time it takes me to reply varies but I try to respond within 3-5 days (sometimes it'll take even less) or 7 days at most (usually).

If you need a card urgently though, please contact me first to ask!


Welcome to my TCG Collective where I host all of the trade posts for the TCGs I'm a member of! Only the TCGs I'm currently active in or were active in at the time of me moving to my own domain and until now are available to view on this site whereas anything else can be found on my previous host (because I'm lazy and never got around to moving them over here).

Please use the links above to navigate your way through my site! As long as a TCG is listed as "Active" or "Semi Active" then I am accepting trades for that TCG. However, only website-based TCGs will be listed in my on-site trade form as each journal-based TCG that I've joined have their own journal post to leave trades on, which is my preferred method of trading for those types of TCGs.


The first TCG I joined was Colors in 2011 and I've been playing TCGs on and off ever since. I've also owned a few TCGs along the way including Photographs (my very first venture into creating and managing a TCG), Dilly Dally and OnStage (both of which are now closed), and most recently: Sakura (my only currently open TCG), to name a few! In addition, I'm usually working on a side TCG project or two at any given time because I have too many interests and love having too many things on my plate at once. Read More?


the karen to my nao

rest under construction!