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trading notice
Although I rarely reject trades, please do not put a trade through instantly before I send you the acceptance e-mail! The time it takes me to reply varies but I try to respond within 3-5 days (sometimes it'll take even less) or 7 days at most (usually).

If you need a card urgently though, please contact me first to ask!


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Joined: June 20, 2015
Card Count: 733
Card Worth: 691/600+ (to next level)
Trade Stamps: 306/320 (to next reward)
Trade Stamp Sets: 015
CDs: 006
Magazines: 008
Posters: 003

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x 00 x 29 x 42 x 01

Total: $570


x 00 x 14 x 00 x 00
x 05 x 02 x 01 x 01